Digital Collage Decals

These 4″ x 4″ stickers were some of my first forays into digital collage in early 2018. All images were sources from National Geographic archives in the public domain.


This postcard collection is a mix of illustration and collage created between 2016-2018. The postcards have been available for sale at both Librarie Drawn and Quarterly and Le Dépanneur Café – and remain available directly from Mary!


This collection of illustrated posters were made in 2017 and posted up around the city of Montreal. The French poster texts are phrases I had heard around that time and stuck with me. “Lâche-Moi” (Let Me Go), “Je M’en Calice” (I Don’t Give a Damn), and “Assume-Toi” (Assume Yourself, Take Responsibility). Contact Mary directly to purchase a poster.