I am a Montreal-based artist and I have been developing a practice in illustration, graphic design and collage since graduating from Concordia’s Film Studies Program in 2013. After sustaining injuries and taking time off work, I shifted my focus toward collage as a means of therapeutic expression and found myself producing more regularly than ever.

In my work, I’m drawn to solving problems that I create myself. As a medium collage presents unlimited possibilities and the challenge of having to commit to gluing things down is a lesson in decisiveness. Assembling, reassembling… discerning between what to reveal or edit out is a corner I back myself into regularly. The result is my practice.

In 2018, I was featured in Centerfold Gallery’s Parts of a Whole collection

From February – March 2019, I was featured at Le Depanneur Cafe in a solo expo made up of limited edition prints and original collages.

From July 17, 2019 – July 21 2019, I had the pleasure of showcasing Ways of Dealing, a sample collection of limited edition prints and original collages at Galerie Marc Gosselin.

From November 21, 2019 – December 1, 2019, I was a featured artist in a group show with 16 other artists at Galerie Marc Gosselin under the theme “Decoupe le Paysage”.

In February, 2020 I was featured in a 50 person show for NUIT BLANCHE: VERT 2020 at Galerie Marc Gosselin.

Most recently, my work has been included with a variety of other local art in an ongoing outdoor alleyway gallery of sorts, located in the St-Michel area of Montreal at Ruelle Verte – Le Racourcci.